Category: Finance

How do you create wealth from nothing? Ancient alchemists have been searching for this answer for ages. The key ingredient is something you would not expect. With this key, you will not be able to just turn lead into gold. You will be able to turn anything into gold – and become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

Mankind attempts to build structure and order. However, no matter how hard we try, life continues to introduce chaos and disorder. What magic could happen if instead, we consciously make the choice to propel our life towards the natural state of chaos and disorder?

Many people categorize me as an extremely frugal person; Fortunately I am Dutch, so it is expected of me to be cheap and it does not bother me. Money is a valuable commodity. It is even more valuable when you understand the time value of money, or opportunity cost.

When reading about wealth, a variety of numbers get thrown around about when a person can be called rich. It is usually quantified by the amount of money you own. There are some issues I have with this method of quantifying wealth.