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How do you create wealth from nothing? Ancient alchemists have been searching for this answer for ages. The key ingredient is something you would not expect. With this key, you will not be able to just turn lead into gold. You will be able to turn anything into gold – and become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

The journey of man is that from weakness and inadequacy to strength and power. Power can be achieved in the external world, but this power is brittle. To achieve the ultimate power – one must learn to walk the valley of pain.

Mankind attempts to build structure and order. However, no matter how hard we try, life continues to introduce chaos and disorder. What magic could happen if instead, we consciously make the choice to propel our life towards the natural state of chaos and disorder?

Sometimes, we confuse merely using the power of our brain with true intelligence. The difference is living either an unhappy life of mediocrity or a magnificent life where you can achieve anything you want. Let’s explore the difference and how we can apply true intelligence to reach your unbounded potential.

Many different philosophies and religions alike all have the concept of a divine gift. It can be called sacred inspiration, an all-knowing presence, following your heart, the word of god or simply intuition. This gift is often denied but is also incredibly powerful and wielding it properly can completely change the direction of life in an instant.

From the cradle of humankind, we have been huddling over campfires to tell stories. Stories are an everyday part of our life. Inspiring stories about heroes, explanations on esoteric phenomenon and false narratives on our own shortcomings help us make sense of a complex world. How can we harness the power of a story?

We all – at some point – are damaged emotionally in our lives. Regardless of the extent of our personal trauma, we often hide from the negative emotions in our mind. Confronting these demons in your mind can not only be a pathway to healing and closure – it can be your advantage; A source of greatness.

We are natural storytellers, and we are born with an innate affinity for the magnetic pull of a story. We look up to great storytellers and might even practice storytelling as a desirable skill. And yet rarely we write our own stories and are beset by the tyranny of circumstance to define our identity. As a child, we could be anything and anyone we wanted. Why would we stop believing we are anything less than superheroes?

An often repeated maxim regarding self-development is that you should learn from your past. I vigorously disagree. Your past experiences – and even those of others – are mere faded footprints on the sandy path to personal growth, not conclusive evidence of truth. In fact, I believe greatness comes from ignoring your past.

Meditation and other practices of the mind still have the public image of an esoteric, supernatural pursuit with no practical use. It is, however, very much a practical tool to shape your mental health that is now rooted in science. A lack of a spiritual or religious belief structure does not impact your use for it in any way. Let’s dive into the depths of the mind.