Wisdom for the Way

As many others - I live my life in exploration and growth. In order to remind myself of the key principles upon which I want to guide my journey, I found a need to store my gathered ideas in a body of knowledge. As with all things, it's even more worthy to share it with others. I hope sincerely that somewhere along these texts, you will find something that will change your life for the better, as it has for mine.

The masculine and the feminine, though seemingly opposing forces, are actually complementary to one another. This balance between the masculine and feminine can be cultivated not only in the world around us, but also within each of us as individuals.

How do you create wealth from nothing? Ancient alchemists have been searching for this answer for ages. The key ingredient is something you would not expect. With this key, you will not be able to just turn lead into gold. You will be able to turn anything into gold – and become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

The journey of man is that from weakness and inadequacy to strength and power. Power can be achieved in the external world, but this power is brittle. To achieve the ultimate power – one must learn to walk the valley of pain.

Mankind attempts to build structure and order. However, no matter how hard we try, life continues to introduce chaos and disorder. What magic could happen if instead, we consciously make the choice to propel our life towards the natural state of chaos and disorder?

What is the meaning of masculinity? With strong, independent women being the norm – the role of man has become increasingly confusing. Yet there are still ancient, unchanging parts for man to play.

Sometimes, we confuse merely using the power of our brain with true intelligence. The difference is living either an unhappy life of mediocrity or a magnificent life where you can achieve anything you want. Let’s explore the difference and how we can apply true intelligence to reach your unbounded potential.

The age of enlightenment has brought us incredible technological advancement and an incredibly useful way of exploring the world. The scientific method has rightfully displaced the dogmatic religious viewpoints that served no one except the patriarchy. However, this new way of thinking has also dis-proportionally shined a light on just a specific part of reality. We must ask ourselves, what more is there to explore?

The so called ‘men’ of this age have become weak. Masculinity has been castrated and ripped out and is surrendering to feminism. Women everywhere are forced to wear the pants and provide while the men cower in fear of retribution. This is the biggest sin of modern times.

Many different philosophies and religions alike all have the concept of a divine gift. It can be called sacred inspiration, an all-knowing presence, following your heart, the word of god or simply intuition. This gift is often denied but is also incredibly powerful and wielding it properly can completely change the direction of life in an instant.

From the cradle of humankind, we have been huddling over campfires to tell stories. Stories are an everyday part of our life. Inspiring stories about heroes, explanations on esoteric phenomenon and false narratives on our own shortcomings help us make sense of a complex world. How can we harness the power of a story?