Category: Self Growth

As the Corona virus continues to rage like a wildfire on a global scale, the influence we have on each other is made abundantly clear. If one person catching the virus can spark a devastating pandemic, then we can also realize the contagious presence we have on others every single day – and harness this tremendous power we have to change the world.

We all – at some point – are damaged emotionally in our lives. Regardless of the extent of our personal trauma, we often hide from the negative emotions in our mind. Confronting these demons in your mind can not only be a pathway to healing and closure – it can be your advantage; A source of greatness.

We are natural storytellers, and we are born with an innate affinity for the magnetic pull of a story. We look up to great storytellers and might even practice storytelling as a desirable skill. And yet rarely we write our own stories and are beset by the tyranny of circumstance to define our identity. As a child, we could be anything and anyone we wanted. Why would we stop believing we are anything less than superheroes?

An often repeated maxim regarding self-development is that you should learn from your past. I vigorously disagree. Your past experiences – and even those of others – are mere faded footprints on the sandy path to personal growth, not conclusive evidence of truth. In fact, I believe greatness comes from ignoring your past.

Meditation and other practices of the mind still have the public image of an esoteric, supernatural pursuit with no practical use. It is, however, very much a practical tool to shape your mental health that is now rooted in science. A lack of a spiritual or religious belief structure does not impact your use for it in any way. Let’s dive into the depths of the mind.

In everyday life we name, label and create abstractions for just about everything we encounter. Yet applying just a little but of scrutiny will reveal that none of this is accurate at all. What happens if we realize that the pot we create is not a pot, the tree we see is not a tree, and even you do not exist at all?

Nature holds a fascinating concept of balance at it’s very core. But what truly is balance? Is it the formation of a perfect middle road in the absence of left and right or does it demand a stark contrast in order to exist? Some questions lingering on my mind over the past few days as the ebb and flow of life enchant me once more.

Many Buddhist teachings postulate that the root of all suffering is to want and long for that you do not possess. Following this train of thought – why do we not reverse the dynamic and direct our energy into appreciation of what we already have. Is this not the key to happiness?

It would be fair to say I consider my entire purpose and desire is to explore life and find beauty wherever I go. In my eye, it is the only way to truly enjoy every day, and yet in today’s society we never consider the artistic value and appreciation for beauty. Why is this? What is even considered beautiful? And can the eye of the beholder be trained?

As my parents prepare their will and write down at what state of health they want to their life to be terminated – I am inspired to face the facts of our existence once more. All of us are born, and all of us will die. An uncomfortable fact too often pushed aside and ignored to hide from the primal fear for the infinite void. But as in all things, there is a balance and sparkle of greatness to be found in facing the truth head on.