Ancestral Luminosity

“Walking, I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and Listen. You are the result of the love of thousands

– Linda Hogan

As the successful launch from SpaceX brings tremendous scientific progress, wonder, and awe to the world the event is contrasted by mass negativity stemming from a global pandemic and racial division. During these times I cannot help but reflect on the scores of coincidences that have brought us – you – to the present day, and how so many are misguided in their negative focus.


Strides in our journey to becoming an intergalactic species always fill me with a great sense of wonder. Looking at the near infinite stars in our sky I contemplate on our (in)significance and the impossible – yet consequential – events that came to pass that brought us to where we are now.

Take the scientific view on Genesis – the creation of life – and what insane odds we had to overcome to even become a species;

  • Our origins are from grains of stardust scattered randomly around the galaxy in a violent explosion of epic proportions.
  • By pure chance, the stardust we are made of gathered in clumps with EXACTLY the right amount of distance from a star (the sun) to allow for water to exist in all its three phases.
  • By another pure gamble of the stars, we are hit by a huge rock – which forms the moon – which enables tides.
  • Liquid water on our planet is able to ebb and flow around our planet and gather up big brews of life-capable ingredients.
  • At the exact right moment, in the exact right location a high burst of energy (from lightning, a meteor of a volcano) strikes and created an organic molecule that is capable of constructing DNA.
  • Through what must be countless of these insanely low odd events, somehow an organism survives by way of a membrane and reproductive capabilities.

If these events alone are not enough to bring to mind the incredible odds that life has required to form successfully – I am not even mentioning the multitudes of chance events in history that are required for oxygen to exist or that could have brought our entire planet to ruin!

Right now, it is estimated that there are around 19,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets like Earth in the universe, all with similar building blocks as those that exist on Earth. And yet none of these have confirmed life like ours. If we would find complex lifeforms on just one of these it would be the greatest discovery for mankind ever since Ben&Jerry’s ice-cream.

Our ancestors are with us

And so against all odds life has been formed in what we call L.U.C.A. – the last universal common ancestor. The one, single celled organism that is parent to all life on Earth.

But our journey does not end there. Secondly, through millions of years and countless extinction worthy events (including extinction of rival species – like the dinosaurs, also by complete chance!) humankind evolved.

Now imagine all of your human ancestors across all time. You are the direct result of thousands of ancestors all walking through life bravely pushing aside difficulty, danger and life threatening events to further your family line. All of them found a way to live life, find love in their heart to reproduce and raise their children safely and peacefully – all the way to your direct parents that brought you into this world.

I imagine my viking and rough skinned barbarian fathers building boats to sail across the ocean, building castles to protect and building guilds of knights to unite and band together – all in the name of love for their women.

If just a single one of those ancestors gave up or got hit by a rogue event that ended their life – like falling down stairs, getting hit by a drunken driver or the wrong kind of infection – you would not exist.

And yet you do.

Against all odds your entire ancestral line has propelled you forward into this life.

You are incredibly lucky to be alive.

A shining star in the endless void

And yet I see so many of you living under a negative cloud of selective perception.

All across social media I now see expressions of:

  • People being offended
  • People being angry
  • People feeling like a victim
  • People not appreciating life every single fucking second

What is wrong with you?

How dare you.

Yes. Life is not fair. The justice system can be improved, and yes, people are essentially emotional automatons that are easily tricked by mass (social) media and framing.

Yet despite all this, do not forget the lineage of love your ancestors have created.

Your ancestors have braved countless odds to ensure your existence. They did not bring you into existence by negativity and conflict. The very fact that you are alive is the ultimate expression of the love they felt for each other. You literally could not exist without their positive, nurturing energy. How this cannot fill you with immense gratitude and joy for life is beyond my understanding.

I hope these writings can be a shining beacon of positive energy illuminating the darkness of negativity currently obscuring our perception.

Life is what you focus on. Bring forth the positive light in your life and that of others – it is the only way to bring life to life.

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