Category: Philosophy

As my parents prepare their will and write down at what state of health they want to their life to be terminated – I am inspired to face the facts of our existence once more. All of us are born, and all of us will die. An uncomfortable fact too often pushed aside and ignored to hide from the primal fear for the infinite void. But as in all things, there is a balance and sparkle of greatness to be found in facing the truth head on.

As the successful launch from SpaceX brings tremendous scientific progress, wonder, and awe to the world the event is contrasted by mass negativity stemming from a global pandemic and racial division. During these times I cannot help but reflect on the scores of coincidences that have brought us – you – to the present day, and how so many are misguided in their negative focus.

A common saying in the field of entrepreneurship is the notion that you should plan for success. You should set goals for yourself, measure the progress and pursue your plan with laser-like focus. However, as seen in numerous projects all across the world – a plan is rarely successful. In fact, more often than not, a plan is missing crucial information that is impossible to know beforehand. So if following a plan is ineffective, how can we cultivate success?

The power of exponential growth is undeniable. It is the foundation upon which finance is build upon but it can also be grasped to improve your life, one step at a time. What actions can be performed today to harness the potential of it?

Do we – as human beings – have free will or is the concept a mirage constructed by the mind? Why would you even ask the question? Allow me to write some words on one of my favorite topics of philosophy.

In my quest for rationalism, I always attempt to guard myself against logical errors that arise from noise in perception. Whenever a problem presents itself, one first needs to know the facts, as complete as possible and as unbiased as humanly possible.

When reading about wealth, a variety of numbers get thrown around about when a person can be called rich. It is usually quantified by the amount of money you own. There are some issues I have with this method of quantifying wealth.

Ants are a marvelous species; They are tiny and often go unnoticed, yet their empires span across the world and their population outnumbers the human population by a factor of 1 to 1.000.000. They practice architecture, agriculture, husbandry, military tactics and achieve projects which humans can only dream of. These are some of the lessons I have compiled for myself for use in personal matters, business or art.