Wisdom for the Way

As many others - I live my life in exploration and growth. In order to remind myself of the key principles upon which I want to guide my journey, I found a need to store my gathered ideas in a body of knowledge. As with all things, it's even more worthy to share it with others. I hope sincerely that somewhere along these texts, you will find something that will change your life for the better, as it has for mine.

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As the successful launch from SpaceX brings tremendous scientific progress, wonder, and awe to the world the event is contrasted by mass negativity stemming from a global pandemic and racial division. During these times I cannot help but reflect on the scores of coincidences that have brought us – you – to the present day, and how so many are misguided in their negative focus.

We human beings are not rational. Our mind is flawed with shortcuts and biases. A common bias is the confirmation bias, where we tend to assign more value to evidence that supports our existing belief system and are more likely to disregard nonsupporting evidence. Being aware of the bias is already powerful, but this flaw in our mind can also be exploited in a great way.

A common saying in the field of entrepreneurship is the notion that you should plan for success. You should set goals for yourself, measure the progress and pursue your plan with laser-like focus. However, as seen in numerous projects all across the world – a plan is rarely successful. In fact, more often than not, a plan is missing crucial information that is impossible to know beforehand. So if following a plan is ineffective, how can we cultivate success?

One of the most useful theories I keep going back to is the theory of flow. We have all experienced the state of flow, and with it wield the natural creativity that flows through us all. In fact, it can be argued that not being in flow is an unnatural state to be in. So what is the state of flow, and how can we leverage it in our daily lives to become more productive, creative and happy?

Constantly, our minds are being bombarded by various products and behaviors that offer quick, dangerous boosts of pleasure. Where in the past man had to struggle for conquest, invention and success, many people are now enslaved to dopamine-releasing hedonistic treadmills – ever increasing our tolerance to pleasure and slowly but surely leading us down a path of inevitable addiction and depression. What will happen if we stop having fun?

Fear should – by definition – be a guidance of our natural state to avoid death or serious injury. Unfortunately, more often than not, we feel absolute terror in situations where there is no real risk. We experience crippling anxiety before having to come on stage or before meeting a person you want to impress – while this is completely unnatural and illogical.

People often look for motivation to spur them into action. They wait for it and complain they cannot find motivation. In fact – they are confusing motivation and inspiration. Let’s explore how we can start to get motivated.

The power of exponential growth is undeniable. It is the foundation upon which finance is build upon but it can also be grasped to improve your life, one step at a time. What actions can be performed today to harness the potential of it?