The Ritual of Rage

“If it is endurable, then endure it.”

-Marcus Aurelius

The so called ‘men’ of this age have become weak. Masculinity has been castrated and ripped out and is surrendering to feminism. Women everywhere are forced to wear the pants and provide while the men cower in fear of retribution. This is the biggest sin of modern times.

Primal Rage

Men. What is the last time you truly conquered something? Where you let loose your primal rage inside, shouted against the world and completely dominated and annihilated whatever lies in your path? Where you took charge no matter the fear, set sail across a distant and unknown ocean and not just let loose the chains that bind you, but completely and utterly crushed them beneath your feet?

For most men of this age, it is the sad and ugly truth that that was a long time ago. Years and decades go by where each year more weakness creeps in. Eventually, they start walking hunched over, looking at the ground – hiding their true masculine force from the world. Weak. Depressed. Sad. Alone.

This lack of the masculine is the greatest sin of modern times. It causes men to live in fear – not creating or conquering anything. It causes women to feel afraid, unprotected, unloved and unsafe. It forces women to protect themselves by entering a masculine version of themselves – leading them to the inevitable conclusion of unhappiness. And without the true feminine spirit, the world has become infinitely more grey, more gloomy – and more depressed.


We have all had the unfortunate privilege of encountering a weak man. Maybe – if you are honest – you are one of them or are acknowledging and fighting this part of yourself. When you see a weak man, you immediately know and are able to identify him without mistake.

A weak man walks across the world as if they are afraid to break something. They look down upon the ground, do not speak up – and when they do, they talk in terms of ‘maybe’, ‘I guess’, ‘I hope’, ‘I’ll try’. They are quiet and their whole spirit is hushed down like the projection of their voice.

A weak man walks with his shoulders down, in a slow pace and dresses himself as inconspicuous as he can imagine. He is in his head a lot. Trying to make sense of the world, trying to reduce risk and protect himself from danger, social disentanglement, or shame.

And if the man is fortunate enough to be in the presence of a woman that he can call his own, his female counterpart is grey, lifeless, angry and resentful. This is the sin.

Serving the Goddess

A weak man appears by believing this toned-down version of themselves is what makes a women happy. They are afraid to show their darkness in fear of a women being unsafe, unhappy – eventually turning into flight from them. They are afraid that – if they show their true self, they will be unloved by women.

Women, however, want to feel loved, safe and protected above all else. A weak man does not provide this feeling of safety. Thus, they are forced to ‘put on the pants’, expand their own masculine energy and take charge. In turn, they dominate the man – and if he forfeits from the challenge – she leads him further down his path of weakness.

All men, even the ‘weak’ ones – in their heart – want to light women up. They want their women to be happy and experience joy, pleasure and excitement. But few men know how.

Men everywhere must reclaim their true masculine self in order to bring back order to this broken world. In order to see their women light up like never before, in order to bring back the feminine goddess within all women. To make them feel safe, protected and cared for. Warriors, unite!

Ritual of Initiation

In every tribe in ancient history there exists a ritual of initiation. A transfer from a boy to manhood. In is this ritual of rage, destruction and pain – and the elders that guide it – that is missing for men today.

For the Satere-Mawe tribe in the Brazilian Amazon, boys must stick their hand in a glove filled with excruciating bullet ants for 10 minutes without making a sound. For the Maasai tribe of Kenya, boys must sleep alone in the forest before proving they can withstand extreme pain by being circumcised without flinching. For the Mandan native american tribe, the boy had to fast for 3 days to clear his body of impurities before being pierced throughout his body with wooden stakes and hanged on ropes and hooks to the ceiling without being allowed to cry out in pain. For ancient greek Spartans, boys were sent to the countryside with nothing but a knife – with the objective of killing as many men as they can unseen. The list goes on.

I am not saying modern men should mimic these barbaric rituals. However, it is a fact that the ritualistic transition from boy to man is missing in modern times. Most boys never ascend to a protective warrior capable of serving his women.

Men. You must create your own initiation. There must be a ritual. There is no other way to truly embody the masculine beast inside of you. Take your fellow warriors, bring them to a remote place in nature and ascend to manhood – like the tribes before you. Become the elder that guides the young. Guide the boy inside of you and murder it. Replace the boy with a true man. Purge all weakness inside.

Like the ancient tribal rituals, the ritual performed demands all elements of the masculine beast to be present. We will go through them. One by one.

The Warrior

The true masculine essence responds to conflict like no other. You must conquer a seemingly impossible task – dominate and destroy something with the full mighty intensity of your rage.

There is a warrior inside of all man – and it needs to be unleashed in the full, unbridled force that creates terror in the hearts of the enemy. When it becomes unleashed, you must feel it inside of your entire body – your muscles tense, your heart pounds, your gaze is unrelenting, and you want to roar at the top of your lungs. At that point – you will not just know intellectually the warrior is unleashed, you will feel unstoppable from within the core of your being.

For the ancient tribes, the warrior aspect was the most important of all – as these tribes literally had to fight to survive. A tribe without warriors would be unable to protect their women.

The Battle

Challenge is the food of the soul for any masculine essence. The ritual must contain the challenge of another man facing you – looking you straight in the eye – and challenging you with aggression.

You must feel inside of your soul that you are completely dominating this person. That you are showing him that you are a true man. That you are up for the challenge. That you are the better man.

Ancient tribal initiations were always done by way of challenge. The other men – and sometimes women – of the tribe would be the ones performing the excruciating pain, banishment or isolation of the boys. This is crucial.

The Fear

No man will ever be complete without mastering their fear. Everyone has fear. But it is courage to push aside that fear that defines a man. To be able to look paralyzing fear straight in the eye and spit in it’s face.

And no fear is more powerful than the fear of losing your life. You must not just stare fear in the eye, you must summon death itself, make it stand before you and stare at it with so much intensity that death itself will back off in fear.

The hazing and initiation rituals performed by ancient tribes were always designed to instill the highest amount of fear in boys. The objective was not to be mean – the objective was to force the boys to summon up all the courage they have or be purged from the tribe.

The Shield

No man is destructive for the sake of destruction. It is always in order to protect and serve those you love and care for. So there must something to protect. This is why it is powerful to perform the Ritual of Rage with fellow warriors. You must support each other to grow through the unrelenting pain and hardships. You must pick each-other up when they fall, and you must allow the same when you fall. You must be able to trust whoever is supporting you through this ritual, whether it is a caretaker or the challenger.

Protect and serve those you love by strength, compassion and leadership. This part of the masculine essence is IRREPLACEABLE, or you will become a tyrant bent only for destruction.

Boys are not initiating into manhood to become a relentless killer. They are ascended to man to protect the tribe and its women.

The Path

A man has direction. A clear goal to pursue. There must be an urge to go straight for the jugular and absolutely annihilate the path before you. To make it your slave. A man must be able to show determination without straying from the path.

To do this you must be prepared to burn all bridges behind you. A man does not surrender. A man does not retreat. There is NOTHING that will cause you to turn back. Not pain, not hurt, not death.

The boy in the ritual is always forced to leave something they value behind. Their home, the safety and comfort of their mother or physical attributes like a finger, a foreskin or other injuries. This requires determination and direction.

The Hero

A man has confidence that he can achieve everything he sets his gaze upon. This confidence comes from the knowledge that he has conquered, defeated and crushed his goals. That he is the absolute best version of himself that he can be.

When the true man appears, he will be celebrated as a hero by his superiors and peers. When the true man appears, there will be no more challenge or animosity. In any initiation, there must be a victory – a conquering of the goal – and a subsequent celebration.

When on the ritual, do not settle for anything less than you can be. You are the god of war. You possess the true masculine essence. When the boy speaks – he must be immediately silence by the Hero. No more boy. The boy must die, so the man can appear.

Now. The Ritual of Rage has been completed. Unleash the warrior upon the world.

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